Grand Crew

photo of band membersFor a number of years now, this group of largely Western-Canadian musical friends has played at many clubs, private events, concerts and social gatherings.

But they have also returned each year - by invitation - to Club Med, Columbus Isle on the Bahamas island of San Salvador for a two-week winter engagement.

The group's musical offerings are drawn from the full range of popular music over the last 60 years, delivered in an easy-listening format, with tastefully presented jazz solos and intoxicating vocals by Iris Larratt.

The group's first CD, produced as Jazz Out West, was called Columbus Isle Vol. 1. It was produced in response to the many requests during live performances over the last few years. The program replicates a typical one-hour lounge set at Columbus Isle, on a balmy Caribbean January evening.

Relax, and let yourself drift away... with Grand Crew.